Nutritional Care

Are You Lacking Proper Nutrition?

While chiropractors are best-known for using spinal re-alignments to properly balance the nervous system and relieve the causes of conditions like back pain and arthritis while positively impacting whole body health, there is another element to their holistic approach to healing:

Proper diet and nutrition. Why? Because many diseases, illnesses, and chronic conditions actually have their root cause in poor nutrition – and could be turned around with the right diet.

Many chiropractors take years of extra training in nutritional care because it is so very important. According to National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 97% of chiropractors give nutrition and dietary recommendations as part of their patient treatment plans.

Nutrition– The Foundation for a Healing Diet and Supplement Plan

Nutrition Response Testing SM uses a testing protocol to determine the underlying toxicities and deficiencies that contribute to poor health and symptoms. The right diet and supplement plan, working hand in hand with chiropractic care, provides lifelong better health and better results in improving serious conditions you are experiencing right now.

The first step is to identify possible causes of one or more medical conditions, chronic health problems, or issues that aren’t getting better with conventional medicine. This involves a whole body evaluation, including organs, glands, joints, muscles, and more. There are no blood or urine tests, as you might find at a conventional doctor.  However, lab findings are considered in accordance to specific nutritional recommendations.

Nutrition Response Testing investigates possible nutritional deficiencies and toxicities in the body. The tests, which may find a lack of key nutrients or an allergy to certain foods, are non-invasive, as are the treatments, which use appropriate whole foods, herbal and homeopathic supplements to remedy the underlying cause. Like chiropractic care, the nutritional care’s focus is on putting the body in the optimal state to heal itself, to that end, each patient receives a personalized nutrition improvement plan.

A Noninvasive But Effective Test

Nutrition Response Testing conducts analysis of the body’s autonomic nervous system, specifically the parts that regulate each organ in the body. A heart rate variability test is used in conjunction with muscle testing to analyze the autonomic nervous system.

With specialized nutritional plans guiding a patient to proper nutrition, the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, digestion problems, and other serious issues may be reduced.

In some cases it’s as simple as altering a poor diet, one full of sodium and sugars which by itself can cause poor health. Instead you eat whole sprouted grains, fruits and vegetables, good quality fish and/or meat, from clean sources, healthy saturated fats, and less processed foods. The quality and source of foods are important. Foods such as organic and local produce as well as grass fed beef are recommended.

Often, supplements are also used because widely available foods do not always contain enough of the necessary nutrients due to soil depletion over the years. These nutritional supplements contain specific nutrients that target specific cells in the body.

Your Personalized Diet and Supplement Plan

A personal health plan, created through Nutrition Response Testing, addresses the “weak” organs or areas of the body and determines how to use diet, and supplements if necessary, to address the imbalance

The key to using the supplements is making sure you only take quality products – not the bargain supplements you might find on a supermarket shelf whose contents are debatable. The health professional will help a patient source their supplements.

As part of the treatment plan, a patient’s progress is monitored. Improvements are noted and the plan for supplements is modified as needed. It’s important that patients stay consistent and stick to a healthful diet and personalized supplement plan for long term health gains.

For patients who have suffered for extended periods from chronic illness or have a condition that hasn’t improved with conventional medical treatments, Nutrition Response Testing is an ideal way to figure out what’s going on… and create a real plan for improvement along with chiropractic care, to address the underlying cause and restore health.

My hair is thicker and I have lost 6 pounds

My hair was falling out.  Since beginning my supplements, my hair is thicker again and my eyelashes are too!  I have lost 6 lbs. (a lot for my small frame) just by food charting and making connections.


I saw immediate results.

I suffer from allergies, food and seasonal.  I also do not have a gall bladder.  Dr. Jenn recommended Cholacol and as soon as I started taking it I saw immediate results.


The right solution; naturally!

For over two months I had a rash on the inside of my arm that was extremely itchy. It was about 3x6 inches and so irritating. After getting my nutrition program checked and adjusted, Dr Jenn was able to determine that the rash was caused by a fungus and recommend the appropriate supplements. Within 1 day the rash was visibly improved. It kept getting a little better each day and was 100% cleared up in about 2 weeks. -KH

 After one month I lost 14 pounds and sleep better.

I had issues with weight and dry skin and restlessness.  I was very frustrated with the inability to lose weight.  After one month of visiting with Dr. Jenn I have lost 14 pounds and am sleeping better.  Another benefit is my skin is softer and more supple.  I am so glad I chose to make the changes through the Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Jenn’s help and all of Lakeland’s staff.  Thank you very much.


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