Meet Our Staff

Patient Advocate Kaila Piekarski

Kaila is a certified naturopathic doctor and has over 5 years experience working with Nutrition Response Testing.  She brings her passion for wellness through nutrition and natural means and has been a fantastic resource as a Patient Advocate.  She is another wealth of knowledge and information and is excited to serve our clients here at TreeTown Wellness Center! Before entering the health and wellness field, she spent 16 years in the food and beverage industry.  You can find her at home or locally, combining her loves of the outdoors, food and photography.


Kristine Wolff

Kristine Wolff: Certified Massage Therapist

Kristine is a licensed Certified Massage Therapist that has been practicing massage therapy for 16 years. Kristine specializes in deep tissue work with an emphasis on injury recovery and prevention. She also has experience working with student athletes and the traumatically brain injured.  She is loved for her attention to detail and exceptional care of her clients!

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