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Our History:

Dr. Jennifer Schultz Finkbeiner’s inspiration to become a Doctor of Chiropractic came from her father and brother who both have Chiropractic degrees. She attended Life University in Georgia and graduated  Summa Cum Laude with a Chiropractic degree in 2002. Since then, in 2011, Dr. Jenn earned an Advanced Clinical Training Certification in Nutrition Response Testing (SM) and began offering this service to the clients in her practice.

In addition, she continues her education and advancement by training in Chiropractic and Nutrition technique and theory on a regular basis. Aiming to remain current with trends in science, she continually brings new instrumentation and treatment protocols into her practice.

A mother to four wonderful children ages 1-14, Dr. Jenn assimilates her “mommy hat” in her practice, relating to and providing support for Mom’s, Mom’s-to-be and their growing children! She is certified in Webster’s -In-Utero Technique, which is 98% effective in naturally and comfortably aiding in the turning of breech or transverse lie babies.  Dad’s, partners, grandparents and other family members are her favorite people to help too!

Finally, after much growth and practicing 15 years with her brother and father at Lakeland Chiropractic, Dr. Jenn desired to expand the practice. In June of 2017 she opened TreeTown Wellness Center. Her goal remains the same; to provide the community with the highest quality Chiropractic and Nutritional care available.
We believe that health and wellness is not only important, but is our greatest asset.
Furthermore, over the past fifteen years, she has found deep enjoyment and purpose in serving some of the most wonderful human beings on the planet, her patients. Dr. Jenn’s patients give their trust, and she aims to provide the best care possible in return. Most of all, she values the opportunity to serve them.

Principles of Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic care is demonstrated to be a safe method. It enhances the body’s ability to adjust and maintain optimal function. It addresses subluxations, or the result of spinal bones with improper positioning or movement. The alignment of spinal bones directly influence the nerve communications between the brain and the body. In fact chiropractic examination is the only method available to diagnose subluxations. Similarly, chiropractic adjustment is the lone therapy available to reduce their effects on the nervous system.

Subluxations are a stress response. These responses are often characterized by muscle spasms and spinal bones locking up. As a result, adjacent nerves are pinched or irritated interfering with your bodies regulation. Ultimately, this corrupts and complicates communication between your brain and parts of your body.

Nerve communications that are dysfunctional are often the underlying origin of several health conditions.

Some of the most common problems are headaches and back discomfort. However, improper nerve communication can also cause ailments that may not immediately be associated with spinal health. For instance, obstruction of nerve impulses traveling to or from your stomach may result in stomach problems.

Since our nervous system maintains every cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body, having a spine free of subluxations is fundamental for excellent health.

Principles of Nutritional Care:

Nutrition Response Testing (SM) is a non-invasive protocol and practicum used to identify and detect the underlying causes of suboptimal health and to address those causes using whole food, herbal, homeopathic and other natural products. It is a clinically proven system that uses your body’s neurological reflexes. The evaluation includes organs, glands, joints, muscles and more and addresses nutritional deficiencies and toxicities of the body.
Clients who come to us typically experience one or more of the following;
  • One or more health problems
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Health conditions significantly affecting their life
  • Doctor, or even alternative health care practitioner visits, have not had the improvement they desire
  • Realize that their conditions will not improve unless they identify of the root cause of the illness and address it

Because disease manifests in unique ways, a Designed Clinical Nutrition program is developed and tailored for each individual patient. We continually fine tune the program over time, always prioritizing the needs of the body.  The products used support and allow the body to restore and heal itself. The whole food supplements are made with minimal processing and always without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.  Other product lines used are from reputable companies whose products have stood the test of time and proven to have the best clinical results, shortening the time of recovery and decreasing the costs to the patient. 

Follow here learn more about our Chiropractic methods and Nutritional wellness.

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